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    Animal dentistry from Whyalla’s trusted vet

    At Dr Mustafa Bozkurt Veterinary Clinic, we offer professional animal dentistry services for domestic animals, providing dental checks and intervention as required. It’s important to maintain your pet’s oral health as, if you don’t, it can lead to other health problems in the future.

    The best way to keep on top of dental hygiene is to bring your pet into our Whyalla practice for regular check-ups. Meanwhile, if you suspect there might be a problem with your pet’s teeth, then just give us a call at any time.

    The following symptoms could indicate that your dog or cat is experiencing dental problems

    • Bad breath
    • Loose teeth
    • Discoloured/tartar-covered teeth
    • Inflamed/bleeding gums
    • Discomfort when you handle their mouth
    • Loss of appetite/weight loss

    Dental care you can trust

    If you suspect your pet needs dental care, then contact our team at Dr Mustafa Bozkurt Veterinary Clinic as soon as possible for an appointment. We can assess the problem and treat it, or we may need to refer your pet on to another professional for further intervention.

    If your pet has dental problems and requires professional teeth cleaning, then this will remove any tartar below the gum line and help to prevent periodontal disease. Your vet will discuss what’s involved should your pet require this treatment, and will also offer advice on how to improve your pet’s oral hygiene afterwards.

    When it comes to dental care in animals, it’s always best to seek veterinary help at the earliest possible stage, so for animal dentistry in Whyalla, call Dr Mustafa Bozkurt Veterinary Clinic. 

    Call us today on 08 8645 5000 for more information about our animal dentistry services in Whyalla, or to request a free quote.

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